Progress Log

Tuesday, August 19th 2014 12:15 AM CDT

Accidentally got my front half stuck in a vat of bird transformation potion that was also flammable.
Monday, August 18th 2014 7:51 PM CDT

Commission for Avzin, who wanted to see a taller Lucile while conserving mass. Seems reasonable!
Saturday, August 16th 2014 12:00 AM CDT
Sunday, August 10th 2014 3:11 PM CDT

Couldn't resist after seeing how well our hair styles fit together in the last pic.

Medik -- Super strength
Virmir -- Super fire

Sunday, August 10th 2014 2:09 PM CDT

I don't think we're grape-flavored.
Saturday, August 9th 2014 6:54 PM CDT


Commission for Chase Reynard!
Saturday, August 9th 2014 12:00 AM CDT
Monday, August 4th 2014 4:09 PM CDT

... Perfectly compatible!
Sunday, August 3rd 2014 11:28 PM CDT

Sunday, August 3rd 2014 5:38 PM CDT

Some concepts for the next Virmir-World story. Going to have to draw like 300 of these guys.
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