Progress Log - March 2018

Saturday, March 31st 2018 12:00 AM CDT
Tuesday, March 27th 2018 12:06 AM CDT

He might be sensitive about that.
Monday, March 26th 2018 12:25 AM CDT

Seven people suffer disfiguring curses while sliding down water tubes.

Princess Hotcakes
Medik Jackal
Saturday, March 24th 2018 12:00 AM CDT
Saturday, March 17th 2018 12:05 AM CDT

Commission for Talcott and DeanFox!
Saturday, March 17th 2018 12:00 AM CDT
Monday, March 12th 2018 11:42 PM CDT

I don't even know anymore.
Monday, March 12th 2018 10:39 AM CDT

This was a good idea.
Saturday, March 10th 2018 11:08 PM CST

Flat color commission for Rune! Featuring Princess Hotcakes.
Saturday, March 10th 2018 12:00 AM CST
Monday, March 5th 2018 11:18 PM CST

(Inflatable) Princess Nidocakes
Monday, March 5th 2018 6:57 PM CST

[Insert web comic miniseries here.]
Sunday, March 4th 2018 4:40 PM CST

Commission for TheDualInfinity!
Sunday, March 4th 2018 4:38 PM CST

Commission for TheDualInfinity!

Even Oscars need to eat.
Saturday, March 3rd 2018 11:51 PM CST

Commission for Foxgamer01!
Saturday, March 3rd 2018 12:00 AM CST