Progress Log

Monday, December 5th 2022 9:51 PM CST

Luckily they set Tomek on the right path.
Monday, December 5th 2022 9:49 PM CST

Is Tomek lost? They don't think so.
Monday, December 5th 2022 9:00 PM CST

The most convenient way to explain ambient lighting in cave systems.
Sunday, December 4th 2022 11:44 PM CST

Hate it when this happens.
Sunday, December 4th 2022 11:41 PM CST

It wasn't even that serious of a wound.
Friday, December 2nd 2022 9:00 PM CST

Time to get to the root of the problem.
Monday, November 28th 2022 9:00 PM CST

Tree problems.
Sunday, November 27th 2022 12:41 AM CST

Pink Princess Destiny unlocks her true potential.
Sunday, November 27th 2022 12:37 AM CST

The Holiday Spirit is at its weakest.
Sunday, November 27th 2022 12:34 AM CST

Hate it when that happens.
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