Progress Log

Monday, June 5th 2023 10:04 PM CDT

Wanted to give a traditional media comic a shot.
Monday, June 5th 2023 9:00 PM CDT

Raining is hard work.
Sunday, June 4th 2023 11:20 PM CDT


Playing around with traditional media.
Sunday, June 4th 2023 5:23 PM CDT

Hate it when this happens.
Sunday, June 4th 2023 5:20 PM CDT

Looks easy enough.
Friday, June 2nd 2023 9:00 PM CDT

They do have some ability.
Monday, May 29th 2023 10:19 PM CDT

When I die, this is how I want to go out.

This was supposed to just be a silly handful of pages that ends here but I went and got ideas for a part 2 for sometime later, hence TO BE CONTINUED.
Monday, May 29th 2023 9:01 PM CDT

Don't try to make it rain so hard.
Sunday, May 28th 2023 11:39 PM CDT

Some dinosaurs are less suitable for mountain climbing.
Sunday, May 28th 2023 11:37 PM CDT

Luckily it's the easy shake-off tar.
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