Progress Log

Sunday, July 25th 2021 11:36 PM CDT

Here we go again.
Sunday, July 25th 2021 8:08 PM CDT

She still doesn't know what that means.
Sunday, July 25th 2021 8:06 PM CDT

It was a pretty good throw.
Monday, July 19th 2021 4:50 PM CDT

Sunday, July 18th 2021 4:44 PM CDT

Perfectly fine.
Sunday, July 18th 2021 4:42 PM CDT

I'm sure he's fine.
Monday, July 12th 2021 5:29 PM CDT

Above-water fireballs work much better.
Sunday, July 11th 2021 8:02 PM CDT

That was easy.
Sunday, July 11th 2021 8:00 PM CDT

Monday, July 5th 2021 4:22 PM CDT

I'm sure that will be fine.
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