Progress Log

Monday, May 23rd 2022 9:00 PM CDT

Sunday, May 22nd 2022 11:31 PM CDT

I'm probably safe so long as I never say, "I wish."
Sunday, May 22nd 2022 3:49 PM CDT

Commission for Vinomath!

No touching Virmir.
Saturday, May 21st 2022 5:51 PM CDT

Commission for Krysto!

I keep finding statues of myself in my parlor.
Friday, May 20th 2022 11:27 PM CDT

Linework commission for SeragusBadger!

Nobody32's Thulssa Yii is hiring.
Friday, May 20th 2022 9:01 PM CDT

Hate it when that happens.
Monday, May 16th 2022 11:45 PM CDT

The full effects of spending that much time stuck in Pony World are only now being discovered.
Monday, May 16th 2022 11:41 PM CDT

Long day.
Monday, May 16th 2022 9:01 PM CDT

Balloon animal problems.
Monday, May 16th 2022 12:09 AM CDT

When you get sucked into the Pony universe, the role you randomly fill fits better for some than others.
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