Progress Log

Friday, August 5th 2022 9:01 PM CDT

It's probably fine.
Monday, August 1st 2022 9:00 PM CDT

Better than a jar.
Monday, August 1st 2022 5:07 PM CDT

Re-forming those molecules is hard.
Sunday, July 31st 2022 4:37 PM CDT

Commission for Poke789!

Luckily this magic bowling ball dropped into my front yard.
Friday, July 29th 2022 9:01 PM CDT

It's just a little pointy.
Monday, July 25th 2022 9:00 PM CDT

An important question.
Monday, July 25th 2022 12:16 AM CDT

A notable observation.
Saturday, July 23rd 2022 11:08 PM CDT

Sketch commission for SeragusBadger, featuring Cherry!
Saturday, July 23rd 2022 6:13 PM CDT

With two blend options.

Commission for Zeelo!
Friday, July 22nd 2022 9:01 PM CDT

Guess we're stuck with him.
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