Progress Log

Friday, May 17th 2024 9:00 PM CDT

Electric beam is dangerous.
Monday, May 13th 2024 10:57 PM CDT

Commission for Keys!
Monday, May 13th 2024 9:04 PM CDT

Me, writing page 290: "It would be hilarious if she sang a six-word murder song to an orchestral melody. It's not like there's any real music with lyrics like this, which extends the joke further by poking fun at the fact that I do not listen to lyrical music at all."

90% of the internet comments: "Oh wow, death metal."

Me: ".........."
Friday, May 10th 2024 9:00 PM CDT

After spending a lot of concentration and effort writing a Pony song I graduated up to a villain song.
Monday, May 6th 2024 9:00 PM CDT

No one can resist the letter A.
Monday, May 6th 2024 5:49 PM CDT

LadyLilith64 obtains a dozen eggs.
Monday, May 6th 2024 5:46 PM CDT

Tiana orders hot wings.
Sunday, May 5th 2024 11:18 PM CDT

A lot more Scotch.
Sunday, May 5th 2024 11:16 PM CDT

It's Scotch.
Sunday, May 5th 2024 5:30 PM CDT

Commission for Poke789!

Sequel to

They get along perfectly now.
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