Progress Log

Monday, January 24th 2022 9:01 PM CST

It's a brilliant plan.
Sunday, January 23rd 2022 11:06 PM CST

A simple Crimson Flag ad to go at the end of the upcoming Virmir-World book. I enjoy reading ads for contemporary comics at the end of manga books, so want to do something similar.
Sunday, January 23rd 2022 3:15 PM CST

There are always side effects.
Sunday, January 23rd 2022 3:13 PM CST

Never let her cook.
Friday, January 21st 2022 9:01 PM CST

Just in time.
Monday, January 17th 2022 11:23 PM CST

That personality test is completely random.
Monday, January 17th 2022 11:21 PM CST

Doodle for Chase!
Monday, January 17th 2022 9:01 PM CST

They blend in pretty well.
Monday, January 17th 2022 3:45 PM CST

It's fine... it's fine... we'll figure this out... as soon as we figure out who we are and what spells we know.
Monday, January 17th 2022 3:42 PM CST

Hate it when this happens.
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