Current Projects

This is my primary art gallery. EVERYTHING gets posted here, including sketches and minor things I don't bother posting elsewhere. Also see commission info.
A dragon, a quetzalcoatl, and a kitsune experience a bit of a mix up. Updates twice per week!
Foxes. Magic. Explosions. This is my completed webcomic!
Short-story style comics focused on the illustrious cartoon fire mage fox Virmir and the various egos he has literally split into. This is a sporadically updated side project.

Misc. Sites

Pie! PIE!! An accurate historical account of the Epic heroisms displayed during the defensive Battle of Castle Greatland. This 46-page comic is complete so there will be no more updates!
My streaming page! Not terribly exciting unless I am streaming.
Some embarrassing old stories I wrote before I could draw, including my Metamor Keep tales. This website actually used to be the old
This is my random image dump site, mainly for when I want to show off miscellaneous things on forums or chat rooms, etc.
Some very old stuff! Two games I made in the early 2000s. Predates my cartoon fox-obsession.

External Sites

Note that while all my content is G-PG rated, content posted by others on the following external sites may be significantly more mind-scarring. Click cautiously!
Virmir on Twitter
Virmir on DeviantArt
Virmir on Fur Affinity
Virmir on Inkbunny
Virmir on Livejournal
Virmir on YouTube