Progress Log - January 2023

Monday, January 30th 2023 10:49 PM CST

Hate it when this happens.
Monday, January 30th 2023 9:00 PM CST

There are just certain things you shouldn't do to dragons.
Sunday, January 29th 2023 11:06 PM CST

With green shoes.
Sunday, January 29th 2023 11:03 PM CST

They are very filling.


Luna Eclipse
Saturday, January 28th 2023 11:39 PM CST

Some things aren't different.
Saturday, January 28th 2023 11:37 PM CST

These weeds are really interesting.
Friday, January 27th 2023 9:00 PM CST

Choking is always the best time to self-reflect.
Monday, January 23rd 2023 9:00 PM CST

Vine Whip is OP.
Sunday, January 22nd 2023 4:38 PM CST

Villain problems.
Sunday, January 22nd 2023 4:31 PM CST

It's probably not even that big of a walk.
Friday, January 20th 2023 9:03 PM CST

Probably shouldn't self-reflect during battle.
Monday, January 16th 2023 11:18 PM CST

Don't you hate it when you're just picking up sticks from your yard and...
Monday, January 16th 2023 11:15 PM CST

I recently discovered the IDW Sonic comics.
Monday, January 16th 2023 9:00 PM CST

It wasn't very effective.
Sunday, January 15th 2023 11:13 PM CST

Art assets for a custom Pokemon card AlphaZeron is going to print for me!
Sunday, January 15th 2023 5:43 PM CST

Hate it when this happens.
Sunday, January 15th 2023 5:41 PM CST

It'll be fiiiine.
Friday, January 13th 2023 9:00 PM CST

Hate it when that happens.
Friday, January 13th 2023 8:54 PM CST

Old vegetable.
Friday, January 13th 2023 8:53 PM CST

Knows Vine Whip.
Monday, January 9th 2023 10:38 PM CST

We are leaving the Air Continent right now.
Monday, January 9th 2023 10:35 PM CST

This is only marginally better.
Monday, January 9th 2023 9:00 PM CST

This is the page I meant to comment about Vine Whip being OP on.
Sunday, January 8th 2023 8:08 PM CST

The most important issue has been solved.
Sunday, January 8th 2023 8:06 PM CST

One of these is worse than the other.
Friday, January 6th 2023 9:00 PM CST

Vine Whip is too OP.
Monday, January 2nd 2023 11:22 PM CST

Hate it when this happens.
Monday, January 2nd 2023 11:20 PM CST

This could be a problem.
Monday, January 2nd 2023 9:01 PM CST

I apologize for the general lack of violence in this comic thus far.
Sunday, January 1st 2023 4:33 PM CST

Sunday, January 1st 2023 4:31 PM CST

It's probably not that big of a deal.