Progress Log - January 2024

Monday, January 29th 2024 11:12 PM CST

She'll probably reform just fine.
Monday, January 29th 2024 9:00 PM CST

Plants are so rude.
Sunday, January 28th 2024 11:03 PM CST

Commission for Seda! Featuring Zeelo, Wereni, and Avi.
Saturday, January 27th 2024 11:38 PM CST

Commission for Shrubie!
Saturday, January 27th 2024 11:35 PM CST

Commission for DragonizedHope!

No one told me this armor was ice themed!
Friday, January 26th 2024 9:00 PM CST

I'm sure one of those would work just as well, right?
Monday, January 22nd 2024 11:17 PM CST

It's good to follow the rules.
Monday, January 22nd 2024 9:00 PM CST

They make the absolute best paper weights.
Monday, January 22nd 2024 5:12 PM CST

Commission for Caleb Lloyd!
Sunday, January 21st 2024 11:29 PM CST

Commission for Arroavantho!
Sunday, January 21st 2024 4:36 PM CST

Commission for Keys!
Friday, January 19th 2024 9:00 PM CST

Professionalism all around.
Monday, January 15th 2024 9:00 PM CST

Dolphin has got this.
Sunday, January 14th 2024 11:38 PM CST

Pony Violence
Sunday, January 14th 2024 11:33 PM CST

Commission for Plazmette! Who is highly contagious.
Saturday, January 13th 2024 11:24 PM CST

Commission for Plazmette!
Saturday, January 13th 2024 5:37 PM CST

Duration: 12 hours.

Commission for Arroavantho!
Friday, January 12th 2024 9:00 PM CST

It is a bit more weighty than the air-tail.
Monday, January 8th 2024 9:00 PM CST

You shouldn't talk to fish who hang out in the seaweed.
Sunday, January 7th 2024 11:14 PM CST

Commission for Keys!

Looks like a bigger problem.

First part:
Sunday, January 7th 2024 5:21 PM CST

Commission for NotMolo!

Chapter 5 villain reveal????
Saturday, January 6th 2024 11:14 PM CST

Commission for Rey!

This is pretty much the only way I know how to make food too.
Saturday, January 6th 2024 5:39 PM CST

Linework commission for Nobody32!
Friday, January 5th 2024 9:00 PM CST

Even key items are not safe from those charms.
Monday, January 1st 2024 9:52 PM CST

Hello, there.
Monday, January 1st 2024 9:00 PM CST

Saida is a natural.