Progress Log - February 2021

Sunday, February 28th 2021 11:37 PM CST

Tiana tests out her magical eastern dragoness powers.
Sunday, February 28th 2021 11:36 PM CST

I noticed something about these magical transformative hoops.
Saturday, February 27th 2021 11:42 PM CST

Gumdrop digivolves into.
Saturday, February 27th 2021 4:19 PM CST

This is serious.
Saturday, February 27th 2021 4:15 PM CST

Never did trust Holiday Cheer.
Saturday, February 27th 2021 12:00 AM CST
Friday, February 26th 2021 12:00 AM CST
Thursday, February 25th 2021 12:00 AM CST
Monday, February 22nd 2021 2:45 PM CST

Tomek chooses her fortune.
Saturday, February 20th 2021 11:42 PM CST

The Holiday Force is such a pain.
Saturday, February 20th 2021 11:39 PM CST

The most annoying time of the year.
Saturday, February 20th 2021 12:00 AM CST
Friday, February 19th 2021 12:00 AM CST
Thursday, February 18th 2021 12:00 AM CST
Wednesday, February 17th 2021 12:00 AM CST
Monday, February 15th 2021 10:38 PM CST

Mrrph mrrmphmm.
Sunday, February 14th 2021 3:09 PM CST

Sunday, February 14th 2021 3:06 PM CST

It's probably nothing.
Saturday, February 13th 2021 12:17 AM CST

Anti-Valentines! Print out, cut out, give to people you wish to sever any relation with.

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Saturday, February 13th 2021 12:00 AM CST
Friday, February 12th 2021 12:00 AM CST
Monday, February 8th 2021 11:25 PM CST

Why, hello there.
Monday, February 8th 2021 11:23 PM CST

Is pretty great.
Sunday, February 7th 2021 11:12 PM CST

It's probably nothing.
Sunday, February 7th 2021 11:10 PM CST

A dangerous time of year.
Saturday, February 6th 2021 2:01 AM CST
And that's the end of that!

Whether you've been around since the comic's inception in 2008 or just got here-- thanks for reading!

I have already begun planning my next major comic project, which I hope to launch sometime in 2022. In the meantime, you may find some amusement in my side comic, Virmir-World.

I've submitted the Crimson Flag book to IndyPlanet and am told the review process may take 6-8 weeks, so hopefully it will be available sometime in March or April 2021. It will be available for purchase here, once available.

Until then, starting next week I will be posting a few bonus pages from the book itself, so stay tuned!
Saturday, February 6th 2021 12:00 AM CST