Progress Log - April 2023

Friday, April 28th 2023 9:00 PM CDT

Extremely rich veggies.
Monday, April 24th 2023 9:01 PM CDT

Tree talk.
Sunday, April 23rd 2023 11:24 PM CDT

I'm sure it's useful in certain situations.
Sunday, April 23rd 2023 11:21 PM CDT

Instinct can be a pain.
Friday, April 21st 2023 9:02 PM CDT

Tasty souls.
Monday, April 17th 2023 11:12 PM CDT

Seems manageable so far.
Monday, April 17th 2023 9:01 PM CDT

Back on the hook.
Sunday, April 16th 2023 11:28 PM CDT

Probably about time I got around to drawing this. Just a hooffull of pages.
Sunday, April 16th 2023 4:39 PM CDT

Hate it when this happens.
Sunday, April 16th 2023 4:35 PM CDT

They do look tasty.
Friday, April 14th 2023 9:00 PM CDT

Back to the issue at hand.
Monday, April 10th 2023 9:00 PM CDT

One exposition later...
Sunday, April 9th 2023 4:54 PM CDT

Tough chicken.
Sunday, April 9th 2023 4:52 PM CDT

It's probably fine.
Friday, April 7th 2023 9:00 PM CDT

He looks shorter in person.
Monday, April 3rd 2023 11:36 PM CDT

Page of Brands.

Monday, April 3rd 2023 9:01 PM CDT

It's prooooobably not that far.
Monday, April 3rd 2023 5:32 PM CDT

Mildly inconvenient.
Sunday, April 2nd 2023 3:57 PM CDT

It is a unique skill.
Sunday, April 2nd 2023 3:56 PM CDT

Never leave home without packing chicken potions.