Progress Log - June 2022

Monday, June 27th 2022 9:00 PM CDT

Mild inconveniences.
Sunday, June 26th 2022 11:50 PM CDT

Sometimes it's easier to just play along.
Saturday, June 25th 2022 11:35 PM CDT

Commission for BeachsideFurry!
Saturday, June 25th 2022 5:29 PM CDT

Commission for Geo!

It's probably not cursed.
Friday, June 24th 2022 9:00 PM CDT

Bunny-taurs are delicious.
Monday, June 20th 2022 9:00 PM CDT

He'll figure it out.
Sunday, June 19th 2022 11:23 PM CDT

Commission for Zavier, featuring Medik!

This is a problem.
Saturday, June 18th 2022 5:37 PM CDT

Hate it when this happens.
Friday, June 17th 2022 9:01 PM CDT

Comes with the form.
Monday, June 13th 2022 9:00 PM CDT

That just happens to be the most natural position to float in for a balloon animal wearing a pendant.
Sunday, June 12th 2022 10:46 PM CDT

Commission for Zeelo, featuring Aurum!
Saturday, June 11th 2022 11:48 PM CDT

Commission for Zeelo, featuring Werenimal!
Saturday, June 11th 2022 5:58 PM CDT

Commission for Zeelo, featuring Calex!
Friday, June 10th 2022 9:01 PM CDT

Tuesday, June 7th 2022 12:12 AM CDT

Meanwhile, in the Digital World.
Monday, June 6th 2022 9:01 PM CDT

Sunday, June 5th 2022 11:24 PM CDT

Commission for Shifting Sands!
Sunday, June 5th 2022 8:56 PM CDT

Commission for Princess Hotcakes!

She gets antsy if I escape for too long.
Saturday, June 4th 2022 5:24 PM CDT

Commission for Princess Hotcakes!
Friday, June 3rd 2022 9:00 PM CDT

Well, that's a problem.
Friday, June 3rd 2022 7:07 PM CDT

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