Progress Log - August 2019

Saturday, August 31st 2019 12:00 AM CDT
Sunday, August 25th 2019 10:24 PM CDT

There are over 40,000 documented cases of ribbon attacks in the Kanto region alone each year.
Sunday, August 25th 2019 8:35 PM CDT

Sounds reasonable.
Sunday, August 25th 2019 8:33 PM CDT

Signs are useful.
Saturday, August 24th 2019 12:00 AM CDT
Monday, August 19th 2019 11:25 PM CDT

Wings are hard.
Sunday, August 18th 2019 11:55 PM CDT

Zinc Repellent version.

The true reason to grow muscles.
Sunday, August 18th 2019 11:51 PM CDT

You know how it goes-- grab the cursed starfish to survive the sinking ship, worry about the singing crabs later.
Sunday, August 18th 2019 11:48 PM CDT

Super Potion.
Sunday, August 18th 2019 3:26 PM CDT

When in doubt, follow.
Sunday, August 18th 2019 3:24 PM CDT

Bushes are such a pain.
Saturday, August 17th 2019 12:00 AM CDT
Friday, August 16th 2019 5:04 PM CDT

Destroying everything with one-hit-tackle Eevee in Explorers of Sky.

(Kind of tempted to do a Mystery Dungeon comic at some point.)
Monday, August 12th 2019 11:28 PM CDT

In my headcannon the reason you can't use weapons while a bunny is because you have no thumbs.
Sunday, August 11th 2019 10:55 PM CDT

The big ones are easier to notice.
Sunday, August 11th 2019 10:48 PM CDT

Sun and scree is almost as bad.
Saturday, August 10th 2019 12:00 AM CDT
Monday, August 5th 2019 9:37 PM CDT

Doodle for Rayadra/AmethystDust!
Sunday, August 4th 2019 11:17 PM CDT

I like ponies.
Sunday, August 4th 2019 11:08 PM CDT

Don't tell her what bombastic means.
Sunday, August 4th 2019 11:04 PM CDT

Be sure to impostor only people who wear loose fitting clothing.
Saturday, August 3rd 2019 12:00 AM CDT