Progress Log - September 2020

Monday, September 28th 2020 6:04 PM CDT

It's been a long day.
Sunday, September 27th 2020 1:54 PM CDT

Commission for Everee!

They are apple and cherry flavored.
Saturday, September 26th 2020 10:51 PM CDT

Commission for Plazmette!

Standing next to her is a hazard.
Saturday, September 26th 2020 5:21 PM CDT

Commission for DragonizedHope!
Saturday, September 26th 2020 5:19 PM CDT

Commission for TheRedKnight100!
Saturday, September 26th 2020 5:17 PM CDT

Commission for Zavier! Medik reads one of those self-esteem pamphlets.
Saturday, September 26th 2020 12:00 AM CDT
Friday, September 25th 2020 11:17 PM CDT

Commission for Cylonmaverick featuring Vinomath’s Naftessa!
Friday, September 25th 2020 6:01 PM CDT

Commission for Turpshi!
Monday, September 21st 2020 10:51 PM CDT

One of two things happened.
Sunday, September 20th 2020 11:19 PM CDT

By popular demand.
Saturday, September 19th 2020 10:52 PM CDT

This game is hard.

(Bubble Bobble Double Shot)
Saturday, September 19th 2020 12:00 AM CDT
Sunday, September 13th 2020 4:03 PM CDT

I get offers to take pest extermination jobs due to my success rate, but I dunno, they are still marginally annoying.
Sunday, September 13th 2020 3:59 PM CDT

Probably the most effective way to ground a wasp.
Saturday, September 12th 2020 12:00 AM CDT
Monday, September 7th 2020 10:11 PM CDT

Mara contemplates Taur Time.
Sunday, September 6th 2020 11:20 PM CDT

A final charge.
Sunday, September 6th 2020 11:17 PM CDT

Poke skill up.
Saturday, September 5th 2020 12:00 AM CDT