Character Notes

Following are character notes for people who want to write about Virmir.


Gray fox toon, dislikes interaction, curmudgeon, fire mage, extreme intolerance to cold, uses cartoon hammer, tinkers with transformative and weird magic (and thus gets himself into amusing situations since it's not his main thing), obsessed with scheduling his time, must always be doing something productive, cleanly, orderly, likes veggies (raw, fresh only!), can't be bothered to do frivolous things like cook, generally in a good mood so long as he's isolated from people and has a big project to work on (conversely, can get quite surly if these conditions are not met), definitely a neutral alignment, egotistical, frugal, almost cheap, will produce a quality spell, magic wand, etc. at the end (at the expense of several mishaps in the learning experience along the way)

Your best bet learning the Virmir character would be to read the Virmir-World comics.